The Village of Corfu is governed by a Mayor and 4 Trustees. The Mayor and the Board members are elected to 2-year terms. The Mayor votes only in the event of a tie.

This five-member governing body is empowered to enact local ordinances, to levy municipal taxes and conduct the affairs of our community. In almost all cases, it can review and approve the actions of other Village of Corfu committees and agencies. The Mayor and Trustees conduct all of its business during monthly meetings open to the public. See the Meetings section for complete listing of dates and times, and the Minutes section for information on past meetings.

Thomas Sargent, Mayor

Michael Doktor, Deputy Mayor, Board Trustee

Ken Lauer, Board Trustee

Larry Reisdorf, Board Trustee

Gabrielle Krzemien, Board Trustee

Robin Johnson, Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer

Jennifer Eck, Village Clerk Treasurer

Jenny McMartin-Eck, Deputy Clerk Treasurer

Carrie McMullen, Village Historian

The Village Clerk’s Office is the records management office for the Village of Corfu, responsible for personnel and financial record keeping, all village tax and financial matters, communication with town, county, state and federal government, filing and retention of Village permits, documents (including Board of Trustees minutes, Zoning Board of Appeals minutes, Planning Board minutes, as well as the minutes for the various Boards and Commissions of the Village) and also provides notary service for village business as well as the community.

Notary Services

The Village Clerk is available during regular business hours to notarize documents for village residents. Photo identification must be presented and the person whose signature is to be notarized must sign the document in the presence of the Notary and must take an oath or make an affirmation as to the truthfulness of the information contained within the document. There is no charge for this service.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Applications for the Zoning Board of Appeals can be obtained from the Village Clerk’s office.